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Fnally posted some new art

2011-01-12 15:45:08 by Gekson52

Yeah, I know I'm not the best, but hey it's a hell of a lot better than those god-awful pixel comics I used to post, right?

Looking for an animator

2010-12-17 00:40:43 by Gekson52

I am going to write an action script for a movie, and I would like to find an animator with some experience. Contact me through private message if you want more information on the project.

Read or go away

2010-12-12 20:42:18 by Gekson52

Writing a story with a friend, gonna post it bit by bit as it gets finished.

Title: Fiend's wars: rebirth

The information and key terms/ characters are posted above the first page

Christmas approaches slowly like a homosexual stalker..? what?

18 years of age...

2010-09-10 20:23:19 by Gekson52

I'm officially 18 years of age... that's all, bye-bye

Lsl the second

2010-07-16 23:19:30 by Gekson52

I still don't know when it's gonna be out, but be patient with the crew LSL is a big collab project and it takes a while

Happy Robot Day

2010-07-10 10:03:05 by Gekson52

The day of bowing before our mechanical overlords is uppon us, now kneel before your metal master!

I´m in mexico

2010-06-11 16:22:55 by Gekson52

I´m on vacation in mexico HA YOU WISH YOU WERE HERE


2010-05-18 21:40:10 by Gekson52

I downloaded a bunch of classic 8-bit Megaman games onto my wii and I'm seriously enjoying them

School is winding down

2010-05-14 17:57:58 by Gekson52

We're just about done with school and then it's our beautifulsummer world again!